Bob Gray takes aim at Ossoff’s Al Jazeera connection, defends Trump

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On Monday, Congressional District 6 candidate Bob Gray launched a web ad aimed at chinking the armor of Democrat front runner Jon Ossoff. Along the way, he also sought to defend President Trump.

The video recycles images of Ossoff dressed in Star Wars garb, declaring the former congressional staffer an “embarrassment.” It also links Ossoff to the Al Jazeera Media Network.

“He lied about his national security resume. He even worked for Al Jazeera,” the video states.

Not much is known about the degree of involvement Ossoff has had with Al Jazeera, though it seems he would rather not discuss it. A friendly article published on liberal site The Daily Kos, noted that he wouldn’t address the connection:

What about Al Jazeera?  Well, he didn’t discuss that directly, but he talked very persuasively about how he has spent time working on investigative films that have exposed corruption in places like West Africa.  To me, if you’re going to be working in the media prior to becoming a politician, it sounded like a great thing to have been doing.

Joash Thomas, a Republican consultant working with Gray’s campaign, said the link could become an issue in the race.

“It’s common knowledge that he made documentaries for Al Jazeera – a Qatari media outlet that has repeatedly been accused of its strong (and often shameless) anti-American bias,” Thomas said.

Gray also made a case for the Republican president, whose divisiveness has led to a wide number of responses in the congressional race so far. While some are distancing themselves from Trump, Gray says he’s a full supporter.

You can check out the ad above.


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