Buddy Carter releases first TV ad, Johnson responds

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Buddy Carter became the first candidate on the air in Georgia’s first Congressional district, launching this ad:

Challenger Dr. Bob Johnson’s campaign manager, Ryan Reynolds, released a press release this morning in response to Carter’s ad.

From the press release:

“Buddy Carter’s new TV ad is hypocritical as can be expected from a professional politician like him. He claims to be against ObamaCare but in his opening campaign kickoff speech he said ObamaCare is not so bad,” said Reynolds. “What’s even worse is that Carter has been advocating for a path of delaying ObamaCare, which is the same position as President Obama.  Now that Senator Carter realizes he was on the wrong side of ObamaCare, he expects us to believe he’s changed his opinion and all of a sudden wants to defeat it. The people of the first district of Georgia deserve straight talk on ObamaCare. Professional politician Buddy Carter is talking out of both sides of his mouth on ObamaCare. He simply cannot be trusted to fully defund ObamaCare and replace it with a conservative alternative.”

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2 Responses to Buddy Carter releases first TV ad, Johnson responds

  1. lessgov3908@yahoo.com' Harry says:

    Nancy I am with you. This guy Carter is a snake oil salesman. These phramasists always screw up my prescriptions too. No way am I voting for Buddy Carter!

  2. NancyRunsBruns@hotmail.com' Nancy says:

    Carter is a RINO and soft on ObamaCare.

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