CD-6 candidate’s pro-Trump PAC raked in only .1 percent of its fundraising goal

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A congressional candidate in the race to replace Tom Price is known for her significant involvement in the Trump campaign. As the leader of Women Vote Trump, Amy Kremer and her colleagues set a goal of raising $30 million for the Republican presidential ticket. The only problem is that the group fell far short of reaching of their goal.

CNN reported on Thursday that Women Vote Trump PAC only collected $26,813 throughout the 2016 campaign. Of the amount, $20,000 was spent, but only $5,000 was used on web ads. At least $5,500 was paid to Kremer for make up for travel expenses.

She told CNN’s KFile in an interview that the group “had commitments from people and then people didn’t come through.”

From CNN:

“A lot people didn’t raise any money, it was bizarre campaign season, and every time you turnaround and thought you were gonna get some money every other day something would happen.”

Kremer added, “We may not have spent a lot of money, but we were definitely out there being active with the grassroots and engaging people. We thought were gonna be able to do some stuff and in the end we didn’t, but I still think we had an impact.”

A frequent CNN guest, Kremer is an original co-founder of the Tea Party. She has long been an outspoken critic of the GOP establishment, and assisted the campaigns of Republican challengers to leaders like Mitch McConnell in past election cycles.

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One Response to CD-6 candidate’s pro-Trump PAC raked in only .1 percent of its fundraising goal

  1. Avarar says:

    So……tell me again……??? What are her qualifications other than failures?

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