Cobb Republicans double down on support for school choice

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Over the weekend, Cobb County Republicans issued a stern warning against members of their own party who would seek to block school choice legislation.

During the County’s GOP Convention, the local party overwhelmingly approved a resolution that favors educational savings accounts. In doing so, they pointed to the 2012 Republican platform, which stands in favor of “providing broad educational choices to parents and children at the state and local level.”

According to the resolution, “it is the parents who have the most important and best informed perspective on the individual education needs of their children, and the parents should have a say in where and how their money is used to fund the education of their children.”

The resolution took direct aim at West Cobb State Senator Lindsey Tippens, who chairs the Senate Education Committee and is notorious for blocking parental choice measures from gaining traction in the legislature.

“The Education Committee in the Georgia Senate refuses to listen to the expressed will of the people and has consistently failed to allow advances in parental choice in education public policy,” the resolution says.

Justin Tomczak, a former Cobb GOP 1st Vice-Chair and school choice advocate, authored the resolution. In a statement, he called on GOP members of Senate Education Committee to pass the educational freedom bills that their voters have asked for.

“Saturday’s resolution should send a strong message that Republicans want their Republican officials to take meaningful action on School Choice. We greatly appreciate the efforts of Sen. Hunter Hill and Reps. Sam Teasley and John Carson, but we need the Senate Education Committee to get on board and stop obstructing good, conservative public policy,” said Tomczak.

School choice has consistently gained support from Georgians on both sides of the aisle.

A January AJC poll found that 61 percent of voters favor greater school choice in Georgia. Of those respondents, 69 percent would still support new educational freedom legislation even if it meant allowing tax dollars to go to private schools. Additionally, in the 2016 GOP primary election, 75 percent of Republican voters- roughly 435,000- essentially supported the idea of a voucher program. The same measure also gained approval in every single Georgia county.

You can check out the Cobb County GOP’s full resolution below.

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  1. Terry Hanger says:

    This needs passed!

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