Colonel Larry Mrozinski gets in the Ga11 race

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By Dwight Roberts

On Saturday night in Canton, a crowd packed the old rock barn for a new face about to enter the campaign trail. Colonel Larry Mrozinski worked the crowd of family and friends and embraced many who were there. Former GAGOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart was on hand as well as the Cobb and Cherokee GOP chairmen.

Colonel Mrozinski officially announced he is running for Congress stating, “I am answering the call to be the next Congressman from the 11th district.” It is an open seat held by Phil Gingrey who announced he is running for senate. The district is Cherokee, Bartow, Cobb, and a sliver of Fulton county. There are already four other candidates in the race: Ed Lindsey, Bob Barr, Tricia Pridemore, and Barry Loudermilk.

The Colonel brought up many issues that are facing our country. As a veteran he brought up the problems at the VA  stating “we will fix it” and “the colonel is coming to clean house!”

Colonel Mrozinski has never held elected office but he believes that it’s time to serve his state and country again.

He has a prestigious background. He retired from the U.S. Army after 3 decades of service.  He served in combat and hazardous duty assignments all over the world. He worked under Condoleezza Rice at the State Department. He was also appointed as the first Chairman of the Veteran Affairs Committee in 2011 by the Chair of the GAGOP. He actively campaigned in the 2012 election cycle and is a member of the Cherokee County GOP.

Colonel Larry Mrozinski and his wife of 28 years currently live in Woodstock, Ga. They have four adult children.


From Col. Mrozinski’s press release:

Cherokee County resident, Colonel Larry Mrozinski, United States Army Retired, announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress at the historic Cherokee County Rock Barn Saturday, August 17th with an overflow crowd in attendance.  He is running in the Republican primary June 3, 2014.

“Difficult times call for tough leadership from those who possess strength of character, personal integrity, and a command of the issues, combined with a keen understanding and appreciation of the inherent trust bestowed upon those who are elected to represent the People of Georgia in the halls of the Congress of the United States.  This is a responsibility that should only be undertaken by someone with a deep reverence for God, Family, Country and the U.S. Constitution, and who is ever vigilant in keeping his word to the people of this great state and America.” he said.

Some of the primary issues of Mrozinski’s campaign included the urgent need for term limits; the complete defunding, repealing, and replacing the “Affordable” Care Act; removing regulations to allow the unleashing of America’s energy sector to create jobs for Americans and stop apologizing to the world; securing the border first; complete and fundamental tax reform; and a top-to-bottom review of the Veterans Administration to ensure our veterans and their families receive the help they so justly deserve. Mrozinski said, “This is just a sample of the areas that need proven leadership in Congress.  I believe I will make a substantial impact, with other like-minded people in Congress, and effectuate change that is so desperately needed.”

Mrozinski is running a grassroots campaign, stating that his campaign headquarters is where it should be — with the People. “My campaign headquarters is wherever you are.  As a candidate in the race, I want to know what I can do to help you. You are my strategists and I will be your Statesman.”  Mrozinski went on to tell the crowd that he understands their frustration with politician’s broken promises and stated that he will work tirelessly to be the peoples voice in Congress “…I’ve listened to your demands for adult leadership with the self-discipline and requisite maturity to lead by example.” Colonel Mrozinski said real leadership in Washington is about being a citizen-servant, not what currently passes as leadership; those who offer nothing but self-indulgence and selfishness.  “I am announcing today that I will not accept Congressional retirement as is the common practice with Politian’s,” he said.  He went on to say, one in six lawmakers get six-figure pensions from tax payers.

Mrozinski also announced that he will release soon an alternative National Health Care Plan to the “Affordable” care Act, which will work in the real world and help Americans, he said.

“My dear friends and neighbors from Cherokee County, Cobb, Bartow and Fulton, thank you for being here with my family and me at one of the most recognized and historic places in Cherokee County,  – The Rock Barn.  It is with humility and the deepest respect for you, the good people of the 11th Congressional district, that I am answering the call as your candidate for United States Congress.”  Colonel Mrozinski closed his remarks with his promise that “Help is on the way.”

Mrozinski, a Woodstock resident, served nearly three decades on active duty with the U.S. Army.  Colonel Larry Mrozinski is the son of Infantry Tech Sergeant Iggy Mrozinski, World War II Prisoner of war and his mother Dorothy. The Colonel served for over three years as a Senior Military Advisor in the U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C. under the leadership of Condoleezza Rice, in the Office of International Organization Affairs; Peacekeeping, Sanctions and Counterterrorism; he is familiar with the foreign policy challenges and threats that face our nation.  He is versed on health care and transportation challenges at the national and state level.

Colonel Mrozinski holds Bachelor degrees in both Political Science and Health Science and a Master’s degree in International Relations from Troy University.  He is an internationally published author on national defense strategy, “Countering China’s Threat to the Western Hemisphere” (International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence). tion, a sense of selfless service, and the unquestioned trust of the electorate. Colonel Larry Mrozinski, the son of Infantry Tech Sergeant Ignacy Mrozinski, World War II Prisoner of War, is that respected leader and we call on him, once again, to serve in these challenging times.

We are Georgians comprised of a collection of conservatives, republicans, democrats, libertarians, independents, veterans, students, working families, retirees, entrepreneurs, and advocacy groups, all of whom are fed up with politician’s promises that are repeatedly broken and who continuously disappoint the citizens whom they take for granted. It’s time for a man who understands that those elected to Congress are there to SERVE the PEOPLE and not the other way around. Colonel Mrozinski understands that those who are chosen in elections were meant to be citizen servants, not self-indulgent. Colonel Mrozinski will not be the kind of Representative we have come to expect. His life of service to family and country clearly demonstrate his core values which are completely at odds with the current Washington way.

We the People of the 11th District and others throughout Georgia call upon Colonel Mrozinski to serve as the People’s representative and truly be our voice in Congress. Help restore our faith in OUR Representative government. Career politicians have failed us for the last time and we want to choose someone who is one of us. Someone we can really trust. Colonel Mrozinski is known throughout the State of Georgia and his community as an honest and respected Statesman, who is remarkably accomplished and well-versed on all things national, state and local. He is truly the People’s Candidate and a resounding advocate for common-sense in creating public policy and management of the People’s trust; who is often called upon to fight for what is right wherever deceit is found or solutions are required.

Colonel Mrozinski is a devoted husband of nearly 28-years and has exhibited an especially tireless dedication to our veterans and senior citizens throughout Georgia, which we believe will only intensify if he accepts this new call to action. For proof of Colonel Mrozinski’s character, one need look no further than his voluntary retirement from the military after decades of service to the Nation, to be the primary caregiver to his mother, Dorothy, who passed away peacefully after four years of struggle. Colonel Mrozinski left the career he loved to do the right thing for his family as he saw it. He will do the right thing for Georgians, too. His career in the military, his education, and his life experiences are impressive and have prepared him well for this new chapter in his service to others.

From the battlefields and conflicts of the Middle East, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo, to his service in Haiti, America was fortunate to have such a man of stature. As a former Senior Military Advisor in the U.S. Department of State, led by Condoleezza Rice, he is well-versed in the foreign policy challenges and threats that face our Nation. He also brings to the table a strong command of both health care and transportation, and veteran’s issues at the national and state level, all of which are of extreme importance to Georgians and America. This state and this nation require strong, Conservative leadership now. Colonel Mrozinski will deliver that for Georgia.

Colonel Larry Mrozinski is a man of our time, for our time. We call upon everyone to encourage Colonel Mrozinski to serve the people of Georgia and this great nation once again.

Colonel, please take up this challenge to restore our trust in government and once again allow the voice of We the People of Georgia to be heard in Congress!

He is the former Georgia GOP Chairman of Veterans Affairs Outreach and served as a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  Colonel Mrozinski served in combat and hazardous duty assignments including: Desert Shield/Storm, Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kuwait and NATO. Mrozinski is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Georgia Alzheimer’s and Dementia Foundation.  He is a life-time member of Veteran’s of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veteran’s, Military Officers Association of America and member of the American Legion and NRA.

Mrozinski and his wife, Danelle have been married for nearly 28 years.  Colonel Mrozinski retired from the military to serve as primary caregiver to his mother Dorothy until her passing in April in their Woodstock home.  They have four children and a grandchild on the way.

Colonel Mrozinski will be only the second person to be elected to the United States House of Representatives since the election 1931.  Judge John Stephens Woods was the first Congressman from Cherokee County and Judge Woods actually owned the land upon which the Rock Barn was built.

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  2. Jim Flatt says:

    Great write-up Larry. It was even better to here live. On to victory; Help is on the way.JCF

    • Bev Zimmerman 3047 kellogg creek rd says:

      you have my vote but no sign please my son had the other sign put up and he wants it there sorry and good luck Bev zimmerman

  3. Steve & Terry Hanger says:

    Great to see you jumping in!!!

  4. Jim Flatt says:

    Great write-up Larry. I was there and can tell you it even sounded better. I’m proud to be a friend. I hope this made it to Irma Martin the great back ground investigator. You’re like a really good minister the more you say the longer we want to hear. Remember, I’m ready to do what I can to help. JCF

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