Congressional GOP candidates torn over Obamacare repeal plan

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Following the announcement of a newly unveiled Obamacare replacement plan, Capitol Hill Republicans have been met with a wide range of reactions from leaders on both sides of the aisle. As Tom Price prepares to head the effort to pull back the healthcare law, candidates running to replace him are equally split in their responses to the proposal.

Former Johns Creek Councilman Bob Gray is angling to be known as the “drain the swamp” candidate. In a statement, he said that the proposal misses the mark.

“When you take a band-aid off, the best way to do it is by quickly ripping it off,” Gray said. “I strongly believe there is a lot more we can do to ensure that our replacement plan restores the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship by getting government out of the way.”

Former State Senator Judson Hill took a more positive tone. He believes that the bill is a step in the right direction.

“I don’t think the proposed legislation is quite where it needs to be yet — as my friend Secretary Price said ‘this is just a start,'” Hill said. “We have more work to do before we find the right replacement plan, but House Republicans and the Trump Administration included some desperately needed reforms into the initial legislation.”

Bruce LeVell, who served as the leader of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, says that he “stands with President Trump 100 percent in healthcare.”

“We must repeal and replace the disaster that is Obamacare. This bill is a good starting point which will give the President room to negotiate a great deal for the American people.”

Former State Senator Dan Moody is running as a roll-up-his-sleeves type of guy. He’s optimistic that the bill will improve as it goes through the legislative process.

“This is a case study in how growing government is easy while cutting it is hard. The bill is a first step. It will get better before it’s voted on,” he said. “If, however,  Congress wounds rather than kills Obamacare, I will help finish the job when I get to Washington.  The process sure shows that we need fewer talkers and more doers in D.C.!

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