David Perdue: Congress needs to catch up with Trump

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Georgia Senator David Perdue is sporting a new haircut these days, but -as always- continues to remind us that Congress is an utter mess.

During an interview on Bloomberg Daybreak, the former Fortune 500 CEO stressed the need for Capitol Hill to get its act together in order to keep pace with President Trump’s quick reforms.

“What I see right now is a White House moving at a business-pace, not at a government-pace, and I think you’re going to see that continue,” he said. “What we need to do is get Congress to catch up. President Trump can’t even have a cabinet meeting yet. We are going at the slowest pace of confirmations since George Washington was in office, so if we can speed that up, we can execute a few more of the programs that he’s talked about.”

Perdue remains a firm advocate for getting the national debt crisis under control. As Congress considers several reform proposals, the Georgia Senator said that the debt needs to be a key consideration.

“We’ve got to get the economy growing again to deal with the debt long-term. To do that, we’ve got to deal with our archaic tax structure, overburdening regulation environment and unleash our energy potential,” he said. “Those are things the President has laid out as priorities, and I fully subscribe to that formula for growing our economy.”

He added that he is hopeful that significant tax reform will happen this year.

You can check out the interview above.

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