DAY14: Handel “Only in Washington” Campaign

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Contest Winner: $175,587.00 to Study of the “Connection Between Cocaine and Risky Sex Habits of the Japanese Quail“

— 42 Things That Could Only Happen in Washington, D.C.:  The breeding habits of Quail.  Seriously? —

ROSWELL, GA – The 42 Days of “Only in Washington” today unveiled an item submitted by Chris Chaney of Marietta and voted on by Georgians on Karen’s “” website as the most ridiculous example of Washington behavior.  In a Facebook poll the study of the breeding habits of Japanese quail beat the governments investment in the Oregon cheese industry by over a 2-1 margin.  Spending taxpayer dollars to study the cocaine induced breeding habits of Japanese quail is only the latest example of Karen’s “Only in Washington” Campaign that is examining 42 outrageous actions by Washington.

“Clearly, spending is addictive and Washington is hooked, Handel said. “It’s sad that Congress spends our taxpayer money to study the breeding habits of Japanese quail or to promote the Oregon cheese guild. Congress is completely out of touch with the real world.  This is what happens when the same people get elected over and over again — they start thinking that this kind of spending is acceptable.’

“American families are hurting,” Handel said.  “The tax burden on small businesses and individuals is damaging our nation, and this kind of absurd spending adds insult to injury.  When I’m in the U.S. Senate, I’ll lead the charge to end Washington’s excessive spending.”

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