Did Barrow ask for Sebelius to resign?

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John Barrow questioned Kathleen Sebelius today and played the role of the moderate . He does believe and has stated recently the individual mandate should be delayed.

Here is the video from today:


Before the hearing took place, a possible opponent in the general election, Rick Allen challenged Barrow to ask for Sebelius’ resignation.  As you can guess, Barrow did not accept the challenge probably because he did not know that it even existed.

You can read Rick Allen’s press release below:

Will Barrow Ask Sebelius to Resign Today?

AUGUSTA, GA –The Campaign Manager for Augusta businessman and congressional candidate Rick Allen today asked if Congressman John Barrow would call on Health and Human Services Secretary and Obamacare implementer Kathleen Sebelius to resign at today’s meeting of the Energy and Commerce Committee before which she is testifying.

Barrow, who has voted 27 times against repealing, delaying or defunding Obamacare, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday that the law is putting Americans in a position where “they’re being forced to buy something that’s just not ready.”

“John Barrow needs to put his money where his mouth is and send Secretary Sebelius packing,” Lauren Swing said today.  “Sadly, we can’t fire the President for pushing this disaster on us but we can get rid of the person who so thoroughly bungled it’s implementation.”

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