Elizabeth Warren and Johnny Isakson wager Devos vote on Super Bowl

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Senators Johnny Isakson (R- Ga.) and Elizabeth Warren (D- Mass.) broke ongoing tension between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, if only for a minute. While Democrat Senators were walking out on votes to confirm key Trump appointments, including Tom Price’s nomination to Health and Human Services Secretary, the two jokingly placed the fate of Education Department nominee Betsy DeVos on the football field.

The moment occurred during a parliamentary break, when Sen. Al Franken joked that the committee should discuss Sunday’s upcoming game during recess.

“Elizabeth Warren and I need to talk about a bet on the Super Bowl,” Isakson said.

“How about we put a vote for Betsy DeVos on the line?” Warren joked.

“That’s more than a gamble,” Isakson responded.

“How confident are you?” Warren asked.

“As I said, that’s more than a gamble.”

Just minutes before, DeVos’s nomination had cleared the committee along partisan lines.

The Patriots and Falcons will face off in Houston on Sunday.

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