Karl Rove and the Georgia GOP Convention

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rinoTomorrow, ZPolitics will be interviewing Karl Rove ahead of his visit to Georgia.  We’ll post the audio here when we have it.  He’ll be speaking to the Convention and headlining a fundraiser for Sec. of State. Brian Kemp.

When it was announced that Rove was speaking, many grassroots activists were upset.  There was talk about what to do to “protest” him speaking.

After some consideration, Tea Party Groups have decided they will pass out stickers with “Warning: Beware of the RINO.” This is the right way to approach this.  In 1988, Georgia State Patrol was called in to separate the Pat Robertson supporters from President George H. W. Bush supporters at the State Convention.  As long as there has been a Republican Party in Georgia there has been contention between conservative and establishment Republicans.

After all, Karl Rove was “The Architect” of the last two times Republicans won the presidency, Republicans and Grassroots ought to listen respectfully to what he has to say.



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