Former POW Lee Ellis Comments on the GAO Report on Bowe Bergdahl

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WASHINGTON — Colonel Lee Ellis, now a nationally recognized leadership consultant, was a POW for over five years along with such heroes Senator John McCain: both were released more than forty years ago on the same day.  Today, he speaks about the greatest problem facing our nation today: the “Indecisiveness by American leadership has consequences for our country and nations across the world.”

“I think the average person on the street feels”, says Colonel Ellis “like we are in a period of indecisiveness with a lack of clarity about what is important. Without clarity and decisiveness our enemies move into the void with their plans and we find ourselves with missed opportunities all too often with no good options.  In the end, not taking the initiative to make decisions and clarify policy is making a decision and all decisions have consequences.  The question is who should be out front, us or the bad guys. Strategically, it makes more sense to lead from the front rather than to play “catch up.”

Colonel Ellis cites the questionable “Bergdahl swap”, which the GAO just issued a scathing report on saying the Obama administration violated its Constitutional authority with, the VA and IRS scandals, the turmoil in the Middle East, our porous borders and a stagnant economy as the result of a vacuum of leadership.

Colonel Ellis (Retired, USAF), who is a much sought after speaker to Fortune 500 companies, military, academic, non-profit and other organizations, has appeared on numerous broadcast, cable & talk radio programs nationwide and published in major newspapers.

Colonel Ellis, author of the award winning book, “Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton” can also share his POW story and his “Return to Vietnam Tour” of modern day Hanoi as well the site where he and others were imprisoned and tortured, the notorious “Hanoi Hilton”.

Interview with Brian Lamb for C-SPAN’s “Q&A.”


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