Free Market for Helium? Who Knew it Was an Issue?

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Today on The Herman Cain Show in WSB Radio in Atlanta and Syndicated around the country,  during the “Rapid Fire” segment at caller brought up and issue on the interference in the free market regarding Helium reserves.

About 1:30 pm today, Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) send out a press release regarding this same issue:

Georgia’s freshman rep. passes common sense amendment to reduce annual budget deficit
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Earlier this morning, Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) offered an amendment to H.R. 527, the Responsible Helium Administration & Stewardship Act. Sponsored by Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA), H.R. 527 would privatize the Federal Helium Reserves to enact free market solutions and protect American taxpayers from additional, burdensome debt. Collins’ amendment, co-sponsored by Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA), would require the revenue generated from the reserve sales and returned to the Treasury be used to decrease the deficit. The amendment was passed unanimously by the House.  
“I came to Washington to enact the fiscally responsible values that have been instilled in me as a lifelong resident of Northeast Georgia,” Collins said. “The hardworking people I represent want their leaders in Washington to be held accountable in protecting our future economic needs, and I’ve made a commitment to do my part in making their hope a reality. This amendment is one small way we can restore our fiscal ship by simply allowing our American, free market solutions to once again prevail.”
An excerpt  from his speech includes:
The Congressional Budget Office estimates as a result of this bill, 340 million dollars will be returned to the federal government. This amendment ensures that every penny of savings will go toward deficit reduction – furthering the goal of this House to create jobs and encourage economic growth. This body has made significant strides in putting our country back on a path to fiscal prosperity. Passing a budget that seeks to balance in 10 years is no small achievement, but there is still more we can do. This bill is just one example of savings that we can achieve by allowing innovation and private industry to do what it does best.

Here’s Rep. Doug Collins speaking about it on the floor:



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