Ga GOP Chairs Race Kicks into High Gear

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This GOP Chairman’s race is very different than the last one because it’s kicking in when it should, about a month before. Running for Chair is B. J. Van Gundy, John Padgett, Alex Johnson and former Senator Seth Harp.  Every district did not have a straw poll.  There was an opportunity for candidates to speak.

A couple of districts did straw polls:

8th district – John Padgett 33,  Alex Johnson 31,  B. J. Van Gundy 14,  and Sen. Seth Harp 10
11th district – Alex Johnson 54, John Padgett 43, B. J. Van Gundy 30, and Sen. Seth Harp 8

At the 9th District, where I was, John Padgett was the only candiate with a representative speaking for him. Padgett and Johnson seem to be doing the most travel.  Seth Harp is sending a lot of emails and B. J. Van Gundy has been on the road for months.

Van Gundy has got to be a little disheartened.  It appeared he was going to have this race by himself for a time, and it didn’t turn out that way.

The race for GOP Chair is about to kick in to high gear, just at the right time.

We’ll be watching at ZPolitics and join me Saturday, April 27 from 6 to 8 for a Georgia GOP Chairman’s Debate hosted by the Georgia Republican Assemblies.


Editors note: We asked for additional districts, and B. J. Van Gundy sent the results of the 2nd District Straw poll.

Undecided – 46.15%
Van Gundy – 23.08%
Harp – 21.15%
Johnson – 7.69%
Padgett – 1.92%

We’re working on getting the vote totals now.



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