GaGOP McKneely responds to DPG

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Press Release:

(Atlanta, GA) – In response to interim Georgia Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikema Williams’ statement on President Obama’s ‘economic vision’, Georgia Republican Party 1st Vice-Chairman Michael McNeely issued the following statements:

“It comes as no surprise that on the same day the Georgia Democratic Party is named by Roll Call as one of the most dysfunctional political organizations in America, their leader is praising one of the most dysfunctional Presidencies in the history of our country.  The President, Georgia Democratic Party Chairwoman Williams, and Michelle Nunn just don’t get it.   Liberal policies are not the solution to this country’s economic woes.  They are precisely the problem. 

“Under the President’s failed leadership, millions of Americans are out of work, billions have been wasted on government growth, and trillions have been added to our national debt.  These are not ‘manufactured crises.’  These are economic disasters and the big government, big spending, big debt policies of the Obama Administration are to blame. 

“To rebuild America, we need to get government out of the way.  By repealing anti-business regulations and mandates like ObamaCare, we can empower the private sector.  By lowering taxes, we can create an environment and economy ripe for job creation.

“The Republican Party is one of ideas, ideals, and solutions.  It’s time for the President and his cohorts to admit the failures of their policies and give conservative reform efforts a chance.  Only then can we re-build this country.  Only then can we move America forward.”

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