Georgia Democrats in Disarray

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Updated: Georgia Progress has reviewed the Charter of the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) and based on their quotas, they have racial and gender requirements on who can serve in what office.

Last week, there was supposed to be an Executive Committee meeting of the Democrat Party of Georgia (DPG). They couldn’t get together.  That is indicative of the road the party has been traveling for the last few years.

After big losses in 2010 and 2012 in statewide races, they are pinning their hopes on President Obama’s performance in Georgia in 2012 (he lost, but not as bad as people thought he would) and John Barrow holding on the the 12th district (which won’t last for much longer).  Not the best outlook going forward.

Young Democrats of Georgia issued this press release this morning:

Today, Nikema Williams, former National Committeewoman for the Young Democrats of Georgia and current member of the Young Democrats of Atlanta, replaced resigning Chairman Mike Berlon as Interim Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

“We are extremely proud of Nikema for taking on this important role in the transition of our Party” said Steve Golden, President of the Young Democrats of Georgia. “Nikema has been an outstanding member of our organization for many years, and we have every confidence in her ability to lead our Party as we elect a new Chair to lead us into the 2014 elections.”

“Nikema’s election two years ago to the position of First Vice Chair, and her current responsibility as Interim Chairwoman, underscores the importance of young people to the success of Democrats in Georgia. Our organization is ready to work with Nikema throughout this process, and work with our fellow Democrats to elect a Chair who understands the value of our organization, and who will ensure that young people are a valued piece of the puzzle in 2014 and beyond.”

Nikema is the first young democrat to lead the Democratic Party of Georgia, and will serve as Interim Chairwoman until a new Chair is elected this summer. She will resume her role as First Vice Chair after presiding over the election of a new Chair.


Here’s what the field looks like. Nikema Williams will be the interim chair and sources tell ZPolitics, she’ll have the right of “first refusal.” No one is expecting her to want the job and she’ll get a lot of pressure not to take it because of her ties to Planned Parenthood.

So that leaves DuBose Porter, a big supporter of former chair Mike Berlon, Calvin Smyre, former chair and a the last chair to have a winning record for Democrats, and Tharon Johnson.  Johnson has run successful congressional races for Democrats, and Atlanta Mayor’s race and headed up the machine that delivered Florida to President Obama. He’s 35 years old and might be the best choice.

There will be many others discussed in the coming days, but these are the top 3 right now.  The big message here is recruiting candidates.  You can’t be somebody with nobody and right now, the Democrats have nobody–except, Michelle Nunn, who is still an unknown quantity.

We’ll be watching this week.

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