Georgia Republican Party holds their position against “pacifist” Jim Barksdale

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Following a terrorist massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Democratic senate candidate Jim Barksdale took heat for blaming an America culture of violence for the attack, rather than radical Islam. The accusation stemmed from a speaking engagement, in which Barksdale was quoted by Georgia Republicans as saying that “we are the ones that are in the wrong.”

Here’s the excerpt that was originally reported:

“We can’t just keep raiding and high beaming,” Barksdale said. “When the high beams are coming at you, and you raise the high beams at them. This is that circle of violence, and you become, yourself, a captive of violence. This is the course, and we’ve got to talk about that. I believe that the only way down is try cooling this. The urgency is now. Somebody has got to be strong enough and say ‘I’m not going to enter that circle of violence.’ It’s up to us, the strongest country in the world, that is going to have to start. We are the ones that are in the wrong. We need to step back from the violence.”

The GAGOP provided audio and a transcript to back the claim, though new video from the AJC shows that Barksdale was misquoted.  “We’re the ones that have to show that we’re the strong ones, and step back from the violence,” Barksdale said.

Now, the Georgia Republican Party is maintaining that the video still paints Barksdale as a pacifist.

“The newly released video only affirms concerns with liberal money man Jim Barksdale,” said party spokesman Ryan Mahoney. “Rather than declare war on radical Islam and destroy ISIS, Barksdale has doubled down on the pacifism that would endanger our citizens and allies abroad.”

Barksdale’s campaign is looking for an apology, but judging from the above statement, that likely won’t happen.


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