Georgia Senate Fairtax committee meets

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Today the Georgia Senate’s committee on the Fairtax met for the first of 3 hearings leading up to next year’s session. Sen. Judson Hill sat down with Tim Bryant and here’s what he had to say:


When we talked to Governor Deal yesterday about tax policy, he sited Georgia as having the lowest tax burden in the country and looking at it statically, there’s no reason to change.


And here’s Virginia Galloway testifying in yesterday’s hearing:

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2 Responses to Georgia Senate Fairtax committee meets

  1.' William Brannen says:

    We need to eliminate the state income tax and go to the Fair Tax in Georgia. Other states, even surrounding states in competition with Georgia have eliminated their state income tax why is Georgia so behind? Don’t be scared or (please no) be looking out for special interests for political gain and because of that not wanting to change! Progress, Georgia!

  2. […] Tim Bryant spoke with Senator Judson Hill about the FairTax and the audio is online. […]

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