Gingrey launches

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Today, Rep. Phil Gingrey opened up his campaign coffers and sent 6-figure salvo in his senate campaign.  In a combination of web, mail and TV, Gingrey is encouraging his opponents to take the “Repeal or Go Home” pledge on Obamacare.  He says if he’s elected and he does not work to repeal Obamacare, he will only serve one term.


Gingrey said, “Obamacare is so devastating to this country that I have decided to make its repeal the centerpiece of my campaign for U.S. Senate. With the health and well being of America and her citizens in mind, I make this simple and unequivocal pledge to the people of Georgia:

I, Phil Gingrey, do hereby pledge to the people of Georgia that i will repeal or replace Obamacare in my first term in the U.S. Senate, or I will NOT seek reelection.

Repeal Obamacare or go home. That’s my pledge to you.”

He’s asking all of his opponents to sign the pledge.

Gingrey has the most cash on hand in his campaign, but has slowed down in fundraising. He scores high in  name recognition and is considered to be in the top tier of candidates in this race.

The press release is coming out on this about 2 pm today. But you can see the website here.

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