Governor Nathan Deal talks to zpolitics

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In a wide ranging interview ahead of his announcement to replace DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis,  Governor Deal commented on the June revenue numbers and the size of state government. He committed that even after reelection, he is committed to not be a part of the Obamacare exchanges.  Deal elaborated on his belief that Obamacare cannot be implemented and it needs to be repealed or “fixed” by the Congress.

“It will be after the 2014 election before Congress will address the changes, unless we see the posting of insurance rates…and there are increases in the ranges we have heard… there will be a huge reaction from the public,” Deal said.

Governor Deal made the case that Georgians pay the lowest rate of taxes in the country. “I believe when you are ranked as the lowest tax burden of any state,” he said, “You better be careful.”

We also touched on the Warren Lee Hill case, the PSC and Nuclear power.

After we finished our interview and before I left the room, I was told of the press conference at 5:30 pm to replace DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis.

Listen to the entire interview here:


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