John Barrow voted ‘No’ to CR and defunding Obamacare

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by Dwight Roberts

Rep. John Barrow (Ga-12) voted “no” on the CR which would keep the government running and defund Obamacare. The health law remains unpopular in Georgia and across the country. And if the trend continues it will continue to become less popular.

Would his constituents agree with him voting alongside liberal democrats? This might be a vote he could regret.

While many big businesses and “friends of the government” are getting a break, Georgians are forced to “swallow this pill” without a choice. Rick Allen’s campaign was quick to respond with a press release condemning Barrow’s vote. Rick Allen is running for congress in the 12th district and if he wins the republican primary, he will face-0ff against Barrow.

Here is the press release:

Statement from Rick Allen on the U.S. House of Representatives defunding Obamacare and fully funding the rest of the Gov’t:

“Today, conservatives in the U.S. House did two things for America:  they voted to defund Obamacare and to fund government.  I applaud and commend the conservative leaders for sticking with their conservative principals.

Sadly, John Barrow voted no.   He chose to stand with Pres. Obama and Nancy Pelosi who threaten to shut down government in order to keep Obamacare the law.  This law is driving people from full to part time, causing layoffs and driving Small Businesses insane with the amount of new regulation that comes with it.  But, what does Barrow care?  He exempted himself from the law.”


Let’s see if this issue sticks with the Ga-12 electorate in 2014.  John Barrow has made it through plenty of opposition from republicans. Nevertheless many Americans are losing their jobs because of Obamacare and with this vote, John Barrow might lose his.


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One Response to John Barrow voted ‘No’ to CR and defunding Obamacare

  1.' JScott says:

    Will this issue stick? It will for me. Mr. Barrow just took a tumble from his precarious perch. However……if a Lee Anderson clone runs in 2014, I will vote for Barrow again, though very, very, reluctantly.

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