John Lewis stays silent as Fox News host asks about ‘illegitimate’ comment

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Rep. John Lewis, who boycotted Donald Trump’s inauguration after calling the new Republican President’s win “illegitimate,” was recently tracked down about whether or not he regretted his stand. Under the circumstances, it’s not surprising that he remained silent.

Walking down the halls of Congress, Rep. Lewis was caught on camera by Fox News host Jesse Watters, who is known for his prank-style man-on-the-street interviews.

“You said Trump was an illegitimate president. Do you regret that?” Watters asked Lewis.

The Georgia Congressman remained silent as a staffer attempted to walk ahead of the camera.

“That’s a pretty divisive thing to say. Wouldn’t you agree?” he went on. “Don’t you think you owe a little respect to the office?”

Judging from this tweet, we’re guessing that Rep. Lewis doesn’t plan to walk back his sentiments anytime soon:

Check out the awkward moment above.

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