Liberal host Rachel Maddow urges DCCC to flip Price’s district

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Like many political observers, liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow believes that Democrats may have a golden opportunity to flip Tom Price’s reliably red house district.

On her show Tuesday, she laid into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), who she says are already failing to show urgency over gaining an extra House seat. Maddow pointed out that just a month ago, the organization declared Price’s district as a “target” in the next election cycle.

“They haven’t sent anybody to this Tom Price District- a district they’ve known since November might open up,” she said. “Democrats haven’t even said whether they plan to spend any money there. And they don’t have any staffers there.”

According to her, “real division” among party leaders in the District could set the stage for a victory. But Maddow pointed out that party leaders like Rep. Danny Heck, who chairs the DCCC’s recruiting committee don’t seem confident that certain seats can turn blue.

“The starting point is that we have to all acknowledge that those seats are all held by Republicans and they’ve been held by Republicans for quite some time,” Heck told Roll Call recently.

“Things are moving. That District, Tom Price’s District, Trump one it by one-and-a-half points,” she said. “And the Democratic Party really isn’t going to contest that? Really?”

The best shot Democrats have to claim the seat rests with Jon Ossoff, a young but very well-funded former Congressional staffer for Rep. Hank Johnson. He’s running on an anti-Trump platform, and has the backing of leftist website the Daily Kos.

“Donald Trump is an embarrassment and a threat to prosperity and health, justice, and security in the Sixth District,” Ossoff said upon announcing his candidacy. “I’m running to stop him and to fight for our community in Congress.”

He will face several GOP challengers in a “jungle primary,” where all candidates- regardless of party- will run against each other.

The special election is set for April 18.

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