Michelle Nunn on Zoller and Bryant

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Democratic senate hopeful Michelle Nunn joined Tim Bryant and me on Georgia’s Morning News with Zoller and Bryant this morning.

According to her campaign, this is the first radio interview (other than NPR) for Nunn.

She handled herself very well and you might think she sounds like a moderate when she talks about deficit reduction and school choice.

This is a get to know you interview.  As the campaign progresses, we’ll get more into issues. Here’s what she had to say on a range of topics.

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2 Responses to Michelle Nunn on Zoller and Bryant

  1. chenderson.ga@gmail.com' Carolyn Henderson says:

    She knows the party line. I don’t believe a word she says. Nunn is not for me.

  2. gemcclellan@ellijay.com' By George says:

    She might have a chance if she would ditch those birth control glasses.

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