New Georgia Democrat Chair now supports marriage equality

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By Samantha Fons

DuBose Porter, the new DPG chair, issued the following statement to Georgia Voice, a news outlet for Georgia’s LGBT community, earlier this week:

“My opinion on marriage equality has evolved like most everyone else’s in the country. People need the right to marry who they love. Period,” he said.

“We all draw from our own life experiences to get there. And I’m there. I look forward to the day that all Georgians are treated equally under the law,” Porter said.

Now, while I applaud the Porter’s change in heart, I can’t help but wonder if there are more political leaning motivations behind this statement.

DuBose Porter has voted twice in favor to ban gay marriage in Georgia, and also in favor of a bill that was against domestic partner benefits.

However, former Democratic Party of Georgia chair Mike Berlon was quoted in favor of LGBT rights. He said “The Democratic Party of Georgia strongly stands with the LGBT community, the President and his administration, and with all Georgians who believe that we should treat others the way we’d want to be treated,” after Barrack Obama revealed that he supports marriage equality.

Further, Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta made a statement in favor of marriage equality last year. State Senator Jason Carter is also a LGBT supporter—he’s actually endorsed by an LGBT advocacy association called Georgia Eqaulity.

One can’t help but wonder with influence from influential Democrats at the state and national level, as well as pressure from the DPG, if Dubose Porter’s statement truly comes from the heart.

That being said, no matter the intentions behind his new support of the gay community, I’m excited to see further advancements in same-sex marriage

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