New immigration coalition with familiar names

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Citing the 1997 agreements on immigration reform, long-time anti-illegal immigrant activists, D. A. King, Pat Tippet and Kay Godwin, form a new group ahead of the U. S. House of Representatives debate on immigration reform.

From the press release:

Citing the “one-time” Republican-led illegal alien legalization of 1986 and the broken promises of that debacle, today the recently formed Georgia Immigration Enforcement Coalition is sending letters to the nine Georgia Republican U.S. Congressmen urging them to pledge a “no” vote on any legalization legislation that House leadership may attempt to send to the floor.

To date, more than fifty activist conservative groups from across Georgia have signed a letter to the U.S. House members which contains the pledge in question:

“I pledge that I will oppose and vote against any legislation or conference committee report that provides for any legalization of illegal aliens in the United States and I also remember the broken promises of 1986.”

Along with a list of the Georgia activist groups that have signed on, the contents of the letter can be read here. The list of coalition member groups is growing daily.

“For years, we have worked hard to send conservatives to Washington from Georgia. Repeating the amnesty of 1986 and legalizing millions of undocumented Democrats is not a conservative action and not what we sent our congressmen to Washington for. Like all conservative voters, we are watching closely. What we now demand is actual enforcement and security” said coalition co-founder Kay Godwin.

Asked about the course of action member groups would pursue, co-founder Pat Tippet explained the watchdog coalition’s promise: “Until at least ten years after real, visible and effective workplace, border and visa enforcement, we are making a commitment to find and support primary opponents for any and all GOP U.S. Senate and House members who vote in favor of any legislation or conference committee report that would allow any legalization of illegal aliens. We will not tolerate another legalization for future Democrat voters”, she said today.

“According to a new report by MapLight, a group that tracks money in politics. Federal legislators received donations worth $63.2 million from business and progressive groups in favor of another legalization” reports coalition co-founder D.A. King. “Americans, including the legal immigrants who obeyed our laws, can never hope to match the well-funded amnesty mob’s money, but we can still vote. The recent betrayal by Marco Rubio and the other Republicans in the U.S. Senate on amnesty has created an atmosphere of suspicion and anxiety for many of us. This letter and pledge request should not be necessary. While we assume the best of intentions, we are not seeing firm, unsolicited statements from many of the members of the Georgia GOP House delegation on legalization” he said. King is also president of the Georgia-based. Dustin Inman Society. Godwin and Tippet are well-known activists and organizers of ‘Georgia Conservatives in Action.’

Moving forward, the growing coalition will be visible, active and engaged in Washington D.C. and Georgia on federal as well as state and local level immigration related matters. On solutions, the coalition advises that congress acknowledge and finally follow the 1997 recommendations on illegal immigration from the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform chaired by the late the late Barbara Jordan.

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