Gwinnett GOP Chili Cook Off

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Local citizens and elected officials convened at Thrasher Park on Saturday to celebrate the first annual Gwinnett GOP Chili Cook Off and Republican Rumble.

“The candidates stepped up and we thank everyone for the taking the time to come out today. Rachel Little, Gwinnett GOP Chair, said.

Elected officials participated in a competition for the coveted title of “Best Chili.”

State Rep. Buzz Brockway won the elected official race for best chili and Dallas Hamilton won the individual competition.

Among the fun, candidates talked to constituents, as a last minute campaign effort for the upcoming straw poll.

“I want to go to Congress for you, not for me,” Gary Gerrard, District 10 congressional candidate, said. “I want to go to solve the problems, not just to repeat the slogans that have been repeated for years about what’s wrong with the government. We all know what’s wrong with it. Let’s go and fix some of those problem.”

To gauge public opinion, officials also took a straw poll during the event.

Paul Broun 35.3%
Karen Handel 32.6%
Jack Kingston 16.8%
Phil Gingrey 6.3%
David Perdue 5.8%
Eugene Yu 3.2%
Derrick Grayson 0.0%

House District 10:
Jody Hice 56.5%
Mike Collins 32.6%
Stephen Simpson 6.5%
Donna Sheldon 4.3%
Brian Slowinski 0.0%
Gary Gerrard 0.0%

Only people living in District 10 could participate in the poll.

“Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite candidate to replace Saxby Chambliss,” Little said.

The candidates encouraged the public’s support as well as its party’s.

“Whoever the nominee is, I will support them,” Jack Kingston, District 1 congressional candidate, said. “ I will do whatever it takes to keep this seat in the Republican Party.”

P.K. Martin also began officially campaigning for District 9 Senate seat during the event.




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