Opportunities on Immigration this week

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Here is some food for thought and items to watch in Republican-controlled Georgia this week, with today being “cross-over day” in the 2014 General Assembly.

The 4th GOP candidate debate for U.S. Senate will be held in Macon on Saturday. Since there was a question presented in the last debate on illegal immigration (hooray and thanks to the AJC’s Kyle Wingfield!), it would follow that candidates should be also vetted on legal immigration and whether they agree with big business that our immigration intake should be vastly expanded.

A little-known fact is that currently, the U.S. takes in about 1.2 million legal immigrants each year. Way up from the traditional, pre-1965 levels of 250,000-300,000. We also welcome nearly a million guest workers annually.

Facebook Big BizThe concept being that we have a “labor shortage.” As you may expect, this is a hard sell in unemployment lines.

Because of the silence of the press, not many Americans can name the number-one sending nation of immigrants to the U.S. or that fact that it sends nearly twice as many job-seekers – mostly low-skilled and poverty-stricken – as nation number two.

Let’s allow the cat out of the bag: Nation number one is Mexico. Nation number two? Communist China. Readers curious to see the top 20 sending nations can visit the latest info package from DHS, U.S. Legal Permanent Residents: 2012” (page 4).

Another closely guarded secret on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is that only a small section of the existing legislation deals with a repeat of the failed-amnesty of 1986. Much of the intent and language of the current Senate bill, for example, is aimed at doubling immigration and nearly the same for guest workers.

With the ongoing employment crisis and wage stagnation, it would be more than interesting to hear Senate candidates offer their views on the “increase the immigration flow!” demands of Mark Zuckerburg and the U.S. & Georgia Chambers of Commerce.

Under the Gold Dome

Readers should also have a clear view of at least two bills the business community is using its influence to fight in the GOP-controlled state legislature.

SB 404 would end the issuance of Georgia drivers licenses to illegal aliens who have benefited from President Obama’s “deferred action” on deportation. They are still illegal aliens.

With wide conservative-voter support, an outpouring of “pass the bill” phone calls and emails to the Republican Senate leadership, powerful sponsors, including Senate Rules Chairman Senator Jeff Mullis, combined with the howling opposition from the illegal alien lobby, it will be an unmistakable indicator of Republican priorities if the legislation is killed in the Senate Rules committee.

Even with the Governor’s office silent on the entire matter, the bill would pass by wide margin if allowed a floor vote in the Senate.

Here is what to expect if illegals are allowed to continue to access a Georgia drivers license: To prove just how compassionate the Republicans really are, next up would be granting the illegals instate tuition at taxpayer-funded University System of Georgia universities and Tech Schools.

Here we would see the immediate scenario in which illegal aliens were charged about 25% of the tuition rate that an American youth from Any-Town USA would have to pay as out of state tuition. Compassion indeed.

Then, to follow along in the RNC play-book, perhaps Georgia could begin the current policy being exposed in California, where deferred action illegals are being given access to the equivalent of Medicaid. This practice would be “illegal” under current Georgia law. Not that the law matters much against “compassion” on immigration.

Sooner or later, the slippery slope on the down-hill road to Georgiafornia would likely lead to “hey, ya’ll, these illegal alien young people have families! We are trying to be family-friendly compassionate Republicans – and the Chamber wants the cheaper labor – why not allow the parents to get a drivers license too? Heck, let’s just give everyone a drivers license so they can get to work! The press will love it”

Lastly for today, people should also discard most of what is being pushed out as “analysis” on SR 1031. Presented as “mean-spirited” by the liberal media and also opposed as not “business-friendly” the Resolution would allow those pesky Georgia voters to decide on a simple ballot question in November.

While at the poll, voters would be allowed to vote “YES” or “NO” on amending the state constitution to make English the official language of government in Georgia. Radical stuff, ehh?

There are still honest, hard-working conservative Republican voters all around the Peach State who believe the concept that “We The People” have their own influence in government.

Today, the Republicans running the state legislature have a great opportunity to dispel forever that silly and outdated concept for anyone paying attention.

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4 Responses to Opportunities on Immigration this week

  1. ArturoKoenig@cocast.net' Arturo K says:

    Monday, March 3, 2014
    OMG King has just sent out an alert on his email list. SB 404 has been allowed to die and Lt Governor Casey Cagle helped kill the same wording on an amendment to SB 392 that would have stopped illegals from a GA drive lic. Cagle arranged a raise your hand vote so that there is no record of which Republican Senators voted against it. The English language resolution is also dead. The Chamber of Commerce lobbyists were swarming the halls and I hear more Spanish accents were calling in than Americans. Adios Georgia. Going the way of California. We need a new governor for the new purple state of ga..

  2. ArturoKoenig@cocast.net' Arturo K says:

    King nailed it again. The silence of the media is matched by the silence of Gov Deal. If he s going to let illegals get a license he will not get my vote. I wonder if the Republicans really think they are fooling us. Excellent info here.

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