Peake pushes back against U.S. Atty. General claim that medical marijuana is overhyped

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State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) has spent the past few years passionately advocating for the expansion of medical cannabis oil use for Georgia families. So when U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions disparaged the effects of the substance, the House lawmaker fired back.

“Respect fully Mr. AG,you are flat wrong. Seeing the results every damn day in GA. Open your heart & mind, citizens deserve access,” Rep. Peake said on Twitter.

He was responding to recent comments made by the new Attorney General, who said that he thought the benefits of medical marijuana have been exaggerated.

“I think medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much,” Sessions recently said.

In a statement to zpolitics, Rep. Peake called Sessions’ statement “simply ridiculous.”

“Every day I hear from a grandmother with parkinson’s disease, a college student with Chron’s disease, a soccer mom suffering from cancer, or a dad helping his child who has a rare skin disease,” he said. “These are real people, not hype, who are benefitting from medical cannabis daily.”

“Maybe Mr. Sessions should come to Georgia to visit these everyday citizens who are not hype, but the real deal.  He is just dead wrong on this issue,” Peake added.

Peake had been battling in the state legislature for a new compromise bill that would legally allow several new conditions to be allowed on the state cannabis oil registry. In an agreement that finalized on Thursday with Senate lawmakers, he says that those suffering from autism, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, epidermolysis bullosa, Tourette’s syndrome and peripheral neuropathy would now have access to the treatment.


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6 Responses to Peake pushes back against U.S. Atty. General claim that medical marijuana is overhyped

  1. Jean Murphy says:

    Thank you Senator Peake for your work on this bill. I am the mother of a young daughter who at the age of 31 suffered a Thalamic stroke. A couple of weeks after the stroke she was diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome ( This is an incurable 24/7 intractable pain. She would be helped immensely by medical marijuana. She has dealt with this for 11 years and deserves some relief from this pain. Her pain management doctors also agree that Medical Marijuana would be helpful, but because of what seems to be a lack of compassion on the part of our GA lawmakers, even their hands are tied when it comes to helping their own patients. I am saddened that the AG Sessions would speak out so harshly about something that affects so many lives here in the state of Georgia and I pray that he and other lawmakers would wake up and learn and listen to the facts. Thank you again so much for your efforts.

  2. Mike Lawrence says:

    AS SESSIONS is living in the past. Facts are not his strong point

  3. Crystal says:

    My daughter has epilepsy and i really need this cannibis oil for her. Please tell me what to do. We live in a small town in georgia. Her doc keeps her on meds and they dont work!! Shes 14!!!!!!! She DESERVES a happy life not a life of depression, HIGH ANXIETY, awful seizures, up to 20 or more a day, side effects from meds, and the list goes on. I think mr peake is an amazing man!! Wish we had more like him..

    • Allen Peake says:

      Crystal, please reach out to me on Facebook at Allen Peake and I can walk you through options for your daughter.

  4. BuzzYourGirlfriendWoof says:

    This oil stuff is great and all but when will we be able to smoke it legally in Georgia Senator Peake?

  5. J says:

    Thank you Senator Peake! We are so thankful and proud of your tireless efforts and beliefs that Medical Marijuana has and is helping so many people! I currently have cancer and will be applying for a card through my oncologist who is supportive of its value and effectiveness! My prayer is that AG Sessions will open his ears, mind, and heart and do his due diligence to learn the facts behind the research not to mention the cases that have proven how effective it can be for someone with Parkinson’s or epilepsy.

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