Pill Mills in Georgia: A Step in the Right Direction

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In 2011, the General Assembly passed and Governor Deal signed a law establishing a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) in Georgia. The PDMP will allow pharmacists to track the issuance of prescription drugs to identify individuals who are securing multiple prescriptions and will help identify pill mill operators.

This year, the Georgia Senate approved H.B. 178 to reign in the operation of illicit pill mills in Georgia. This follows passage of the bill by the House of Representatives last month. H.B. 178, sponsored by Representative Tom Weldon in the House and Senator Renee Unterman in the Senate, will provide the Georgia Composite Medical Board the authority to license and regulate pain management clinics. Because the Senate passed H.B. 178 without amendments, the bill now heads to the desk of Governor Deal.

Attorney General Sam Olens said, “I commend the Georgia General Assembly for taking action to curtail the rapid growth of pill mills in Georgia.  Pill mill operators are nothing more than narcotic traffickers, and we will not tolerate them in our State. H.B. 178 strikes a balance that will allow us to identify and curb bad actors without getting in the way of the many excellent doctors who offer legitimate pain management to patients.”

As other states, such as Florida, passed legislation to combat the spread of pill mills, bad actors began relocating to Georgia. This bill will give Georgia law enforcement the necessary tools to tackle the growing problem

Next Week, a report will be released by a detox company, Novus Medical Detox, about concerns with the implementation.  This is a step in the right direction.

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