Poll: Voters in CD-6 really like Donald Trump

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Despite what you’ve heard, it seems that voters in Congressional District 6 actually really like Donald Trump.

An exclusive zpolitics / Clout Research poll conducted February 17 to 18 found that 58 percent of likely voters in the upcoming special election hold positive views of the GOP president. 41 percent said their opinion of the new commander-in-chief is “very favorable,” while 42 percent of voters said they see Trump unfavorably.

The report indicates there is a sense of dissatisfaction with the media, which could drive greater loyalty to the president. 43 percent of voters, for instance, said they believed that Trump’s use of Twitter was a helpful means of bypassing the media and speaking directly to the American people.

“Likely voters in GA CD6 are not very happy these days when it comes to the world of politics and the news media that cover it, as 60 percent said they said things are off on the wrong track,” Clout pollster Fritz Wenzel said.

The report chinks the armor of Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is heavily funded and bases his campaign on opposing the Republican president. To that end, 44 percent of voters said they want a candidate who will support Trump’s agenda, while 25 percent said they plan to vote for a candidate who votes for his or her own principals. Only 31 percent of voters said they will back someone that opposes Trump’s plans.

Democrats have kept their eye on Tom Price’s seat after Trump only won the district by 1.5 points over Hillary Clinton in November. While the survey found that Ossoff may have the most committed voter base of any candidate so far, he will likely face a greater uphill climb if he intends to win by blasting Trump.

For more on the survey, check out the full report here.

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One Response to Poll: Voters in CD-6 really like Donald Trump

  1. Avarar says:

    Now that it’s been exposed the Clout survey is totally biased, structurally flawed, and twisted to the point of irrelevance, why does ZPolitics continue to quote them?

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