Rep. Tom Graves statement on Harry Reid

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Press Release:

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) issued the following statement after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats rejected an offer from House Republicans to go to a formal conference and negotiate an end to the government shutdown:

“If there was any question about who wants a government shutdown, Harry Reid answered it this morning when he rejected our offer to open formal negotiations on the government funding bill. Over the last several weeks, Harry Reid has proven to be a skillful political hit man and name caller. He never misses a chance to inject venom into the legislative process. However, he went further than anyone expected today when he rejected our offer to negotiate. From here on out, every minute of this government shutdown is owned solely by Harry Reid.”

At 1:40am today, Speaker Boehner announced that Rep. Graves would be one of eight House Republican conferees in a formal conference with the Senate on government funding legislation. Then, at roughly 10:00am today, Sen. Reid and Senate Democrats voted against opening those negotiations with House Republicans.

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One Response to Rep. Tom Graves statement on Harry Reid

  1. YeSun Wiltse says:

    Why doesn’t Republicans highlight what brought government to this juncture where they have rely on CR. The Congress is required to pass annual budget for operations of federal government. Obama administration has failed to pass a budget in 5 years. How many budgets did House Republicans pass, sent to U.S. Senate where it dies? Why are Republicans highlighting the incompetence of Democrat controlled Senate?

    Who wants to fund federal government minus Obama Care? RNC needs to make political ads with actual sound bites (there are plenty) and distribute it through alternate media.

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