Rep. Tom Graves Uses IRS Scandal in Fundraising Letter

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Rep. Tom Graves has been on the forefront of the IRS Scandal.  Beginning with questioning on the targeting of groups as early as March 2012.  We now know from IRS officials own admissions this targeting started as early at 2010.

Graves has wasted no time using this issue as one to raise money for his congressional campaign.

Tom Graves Georgia's 14th District

The IRS scandal is breathtaking.

It’s been reported that senior IRS officials in Washington knew about the targeting of conservative groups over seven months before then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman denied any wrongdoing directly to my face. I asked him in 2012 during a congressional hearing, and he denied it.

Now that the IRS has been exposed, I won’t rest until we find the truth.

For years, the IRS has apparently targeted groups that oppose President Obama’s political agenda. Worse, when questioned about their targeting tactics, they may have lied to Congress.

Will you join me today in fighting for transparency?

In light of the recent Benghazi hearings in the House and the growing IRS scandal, we must continue to push for a more transparent government. I am working to determine exactly who at the IRS is responsible for the excessive targeting of conservative groups. We deserve to know who ordered the suppression of patriotic Americans.
Please consider making a donation today to help me fight the IRS and those in the Obama Administration who abuse their power and our trust.

Freedom First,
Tom Graves
Tom Graves

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