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Rep. Tom Price on “This Week” With George Stephanopoulos on IRS Scandal

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I’ve known George Stephanopoulos since 1986.  He’s done a decent job making the transition from White House staffer to journalist.  But his Dem roots show through from time to time.

On Sunday, Tom Price joined a bipartisan panel of House and Senate members on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” to discuss ongoing revelations and questions surrounding the targeting of Americans by the Internal Revenue Service. Rep. Price said in his newsletter today, “This is chilling stuff. We have to get to the bottom of what happened and hold those responsible accountable so that we can begin to restore trust.”

Today on “The Rush Limbaugh Program,” a caller identifying herself as a big fundraiser and bundler for Republicans said money is drying up for Republican candidates because they are afraid of being audited by the IRS.  Limbaugh said, “This is nothing other than to create a chilling effect on Republican donors.”  This by design.  “The purpose if to reveal Republican donors and to go after them,” Limbaugh said today.
Here’s Price’s appearance on “This Week:”



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