Sen. Jason Carter on the future of the DPG

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By Martha Zoller

I was sitting in the Governor’s office waiting for my appointment.  Sen. Jason Carter (D-42) was also waiting.  I walked over and struck up a conversation.  We exchanged pleasantries.  We talked about previous interviews we’d done together and about our common background in DeKalb County.

Then, I asked him if he’d like to comment on the Democrat Party of Georgia race for chairman. Without hesitation, he said, “The Democratic Party will be following Michelle Nunn.” “If she wins, we’ll have years of building. If she loses, then we’ll have work to do,” Carter said.

He said Michelle Nunn was the best chance to get money into Georgia for the United States Senate race for Democrats.  He went on to say there were two candidates in the chairman’s race that could build behind the growth they hope Michelle Nunn will bring.

I’ve had a theory about what the Democrats are doing in Georgia. They will run two women for Governor and United States Senate and that will allow the national “War on Women” money to come into Georgia.  What might foil that for Democrat is if GOP voters elect Karen Handel or maybe, Kelly Loeffler, as their United State Senate candidate.

Here are my thoughts about the candidates for chairman.  Doug Stoner and DuBose Porter have credibility in the party.  With a quick look at the candidates, Stoner and Porter have the potential to build the party beyond 2010. I don’t know R. J. Hadley or Mary Squires well enough to say how they would do.  The wild card is Tharon Johnson.  He’s lesser known by the masses of the party but he knows how to win, something that for most Democrats in Georgia, they don’t have much recollection of.

Sen. Jason Carter is a rising star in the Democrat Party of Georgia but he says he’s the least political person he knows.  He’d rather show you pictures of his kids than talk politics. But it’s in his blood, he’s the grandson of President and Governor Jimmy Carter and it’s a long time until 2018.

Jason Carter says Michelle Nunn is the future of he Democratic Party.  Maybe Jason Carter is the future.


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  1. […] speculation today that she is a candidate for the United States Senate to replace Saxby Chambliss. Last week, Sen. Jason Carter told me the Democratic Party will “follow the Michelle Nunn train.” […]

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