State Rep. Ed Lindsey, Youthful Alliances and Better Georgia

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I heard the “picture” was out there.  State Rep. Ed Lindsey in a picture, with a lot more hair, by the way, with “Young Democrats.” Lindsey is seeking the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Phil Gingrey in the 11th District as he runs for the United. States. Senate.

It was more than 30 years ago and it looks like a typical high school or college yearbook picture.  Our friends at Peach Pundit posted it yesterday.  Recently, through Facebook, I’ve received a few pictures of me that were in the newspaper back in the day.  Let me tell you, I was cooler than I thought back then.  I digress.

Before we get into the meat of the matter, which is, the desperate actions of the Democrat Party in Georgia and their operatives with no political bench,  when was the last time a Republican became a Democrat?

The last governor and the current governor were Democrats until 1998 and 1995, respectively. The Congressman from the 9th District was involved in either Young Democrats or the Hall County Democratic Party in his youth.  I was involved in the Democratic Party of Georgia until 1988. As recently as 2011, a member of the leadership of the Democrats in the Georgia House became a Republican–and the list goes on.  I’m more concerned with whether they are conservatives, frankly. For the last 30 years, the South has become Republican, it was always conservative.  Rep. Ed Lindsey was at the beginning of the movement.

Better Georgia has been shopping this picture for a few weeks.  They are an organization that is serving to be the squeaky wheel against the Republican majority at best, or a destructive force to legitimate Democrats trying to work with the majority at worst.

So, does it matter that Ed Lindsey was once a Democrat?  I don’t think so.

He approached this with grace and humor as he always does and submitted this statement to Peach Pundit:

To borrow from  1 Corinthians 13:11:  “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child . . . ,” but when Jimmy Carter crashed helicopters in the desert in Iran, I put aside my childish things and voted for President Ronald Reagan and have voted for every Republican presidential candidate ever sense.

In more recent and relevant times, I have served on the Georgia Republican State Committee, acted as Sonny Perdue’s Fulton County Campaign Manager in 2002, been elected to the State House as a Republican in 2004, worked with State House colleagues and the GOP State Party to increase our Georgia majorities in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012. I have shepherded through the State House as a Representative and Republican Majority Whip over 35 major pieces of conservative reform legislation that have cut state spending, provided tax relief to property owners, cut taxes, expanded school choice, opened up government, cracked down on illegal immigration, strengthened Georgia’s Right to Work laws, and attacked those that would prey upon our young, old, and disadvantaged.  In short, I have been a conservative reformer that rolls up his sleeve and finds real conservative solutions to the real problems facing our state and will do the same in Washington.

In conclusion,   I appreciate someone finding a picture of me with hair so I can show my sons I once had it.  I also note that in reviewing the picture about half the folks shown are also now Republicans. With age comes wisdom.


Gotta love his response.  And as a person who ran for Congress, this is just the beginning, Ed.  You handled it well.  I have two questions to ponder and think and write about later. First, when was the last time a Republican in Georgia became a Democrat?  Second, does Better Georgia or the Democrats have a candidate to run in the 11th, or are they just going to try to tear down Republicans?


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