Syria used chemical weapons: Sen Saxby Chambliss responds

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The United States government officials have determined Syria did use chemical weapons on its people.  The President of the United States informed Congress of the findings this afternoon. According to Sen. John McCain, this trips the “red line” approach and requires the United States to arm the rebels.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Thursday night he would support an American military operation in Syria.

“I have said for the last several weeks that doing nothing continue, continue to do nothing is not an option,” said Chambliss, “We know now that almost 100,000 or maybe an excess of 100,000 people have been killed inside Syria – and the United States has sat by and watched that happen. We now know that the president said a red line was the use of chemical weapon, we know now that chemical weapons have been used for almost a year by the Syrian regime. We’ve done nothing. I think it’s time that we act in a very serious way, if a no fly zone is what they’ve decided to do – I am sure our military is taking the right preparations for carrying out a successful operation. And I will support that.”

This revelation caps a very busy intelligence week for Sen. Chambliss beginning with the NSA revelations and capping with the findings of the investigation into the Syria government’s use of chemical weapons on their own people.


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