The Fraternal Order of Police blasts Ted Cruz over upcoming campaign visit

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Conservative star Ted Cruz will be in Georgia on Friday to boost the campaign of State Senator Mike Crane just before the July 26th GOP runoff election against former West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson. Now, the state’s leading law enforcement advocacy group is blasting the Texas Senator for supporting Crane, and might even stage a protest of sorts outside of the Cruz event.

If you’re wondering why the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police would aim their ire at Cruz, it’s because they have long expressed opposition to State Senator Mike Crane over statements that they claim are “anti-police”.

The controversy stems from a speech Crane made at a local GOP meeting, in which he expressed opposition to no-knock warrants. In doing so, he also made a few comments about shooting police officers.

Here’s what he said at the time:

When the judge comes along and says you can kick down that man’s door, you can throw a flash grenade in that baby’s crib, you can do whatever you want and kill a lady that comes to the door because she’s afraid someone has entered her house illegally. If you can come to my house, kick down my door, if I have the opportunity I will shoot you dead. And every one of you should do the same.

Randy Robertson, the Vice President of the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police, has been an outspoken critic of Senator Crane ever since. Though Crane has attempted to reassure voters of his respect for law enforcement, it seems that Robertson remains unconvinced.

“We are very disappointed that Senator Cruz would support Mr. Crane at a time when the men and women of Law Enforcement are being murdered at a rate that is 100% greater than last year at this time,” said Robertson. “With the recent events in Dallas, Texas, I find it sad that Senator Cruz would allow himself to be pulled into the political cesspool by a candidate who has openly promoted shooting law enforcement officers.”

The Fraternal Order of Police said in a release that there are talks of holding a rally outside of the Cruz event “to show support for law enforcement officers and their families.”

The winner of the July 26th runoff election will go on to face Democrat Angela Pendley in the November election.


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