The Jerry Springer Show, Cherokee County Style

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One of my favorite records, yes, an album-vinyl-turntable, is one called “The Great Society Affair.”  It’s a spoof of the Luci Baines Johnson wedding to Patrick Nugent. Kids, ask your parents. One of the lines in the skit I love the most is, “First, the Stingray, then the Conversion and now this.” Luci was a rebel at the time.  She drove a sports car, converted to Catholicism and then married a regular guy in a White House wedding that didn’t last.

That’s the way we feel about this Cherokee County school situation. After problems in Dougherty County Schools, DeKalb County Schools, Clayton County Schools, Atlanta Public Schoos, most of us are starting to wonder, “What gives?”

Too much institutional money has been thrown at public education.  It’s big money but most school board positions are considered “entry level” political positions. They are not.

There are many questions that need answered in the Cherokee County case, the circus that is the meetings and accusations that have been hurled have given cover to the real problem. Overspending by the system.  Simply put, spending more than they take in.

Let’s get the personalities out of it and get back to doing the best work we can for the students involved.  If you are in one of the school systems listed above or from some other school system where you have no competition in school board elections or way too much involvement by the administration of the school system in who runs for school board, then get back to work to put your school system back on track.  We’ve named 5 or so school systems here, but these are state and nationwide problems.

Most states spend the biggest chuck of their budgets on education, let’s make it count.

School choice is the answer.  There ought to be competition within public, private, parochial, charter and online schools.

Jim Galloway, The Political Insider, has done the best job of covering the “events” in Cherokee County.  Here’s the most recent story.


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4 Responses to The Jerry Springer Show, Cherokee County Style

  1. Kim Brown says:

    My kids have been in CCSD for 13 years. It’s an excellent school district which has consistently scored above state and national averages on several tests and measures. The only problem until now has been the State underfunding the district based upon the State’s own formula. The problem we have now is a school board member, who, in her own words, does not understand her role on the Board. She has only voted once in favor of a Board’s recommendation. She voted in favor of an investigation into her own actions. CCSD’s problem is Ms. Marlow.

  2. Linda Flory says:

    The majority of voters have approved the debt when we voted in favor of the Ed-SPLOST! There was no other solution available to meet the needs of the rapid growth experienced by the county. We needed more schools to accommodate the children moving to the county. The only solution to ending the debt is to find another mechanism to fund the capital expenses.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Of course they have debt! That debt was taken on to build 20 new schools, repair 20 more, and update technology. The debt was incurred to safely house and better educate the children the county serves, and children for the next 50 years will be able to enjoy the buildings being built today. I’m tired of hearing people speak evil of debt. It is a normal, healthy part of a working budget. It is only when that debt is created for frivolous spending, or begins to become unmanageable from improper planning, that it becomes “evil”. Is your mortgage and car payment a result of overspending? I think not, and neither does that hold true for the school system.

  4. Martin says:

    You state, almost as an afterthought, this:

    “School choice is the answer. There ought to be competition within public, private, parochial, charter and online schools.”

    The answer to what? School board members acting badly? Less than qualified people being elected to these key positions?

    The issues you point out about Cherokee will *not* be fixed by charter schools or any other sort of “competition” in the system. It will be fixed when one particular member of the Board decides to put on her big girl pants and realize she is part of governance team. She needs to, simply, Grow The Heck Up.

    That has *nothing* to do with “school choice”.

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