The Morning After Pill: Anywhere, Anytime, at Any Age

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Yesterday, the Feds said they will drop any age objection to the availability of the “Morning After Pill” to any age person.  So-called women’s health groups say it “should be available as aspirin.”

A few years ago, my then 16 year old daughter went to the drug store to by her sick mother some cold medicine.  She couldn’t buy it because she wasn’t 18.  This was over the counter medicine that government has decided to limit access because it’s used to make Meth.

So follow this logic, you can’t buy certain kinds of cold medicine without being 18 and being able to prove that with an ID, but an 8 year old can walk in and buy the “Morning After Pill” like it’s an aspirin.

So let’s get rid of all prescriptions and put everything over the counter.  Why not be able to get your pain meds or your anti depressants or even, your anti psychotic drugs over the counter. Why be manged by a doctor at all?  If you have no restrictions on access to the “Morning After Pill,” then why have restrictions on anything?

Of course, I’m being sarcastic, but you see the logic.

I’m sick and tired of another decision being taken out of my hands as a parent and this is just another  hit by the left against parenting by parents and transferring it to the collective.

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