The Final (We Think) GAGOP Chair’s Debate

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Ryan Bozarth is a young man who got involved in the Republican Party through College Republicans at UGA.  For the last few years, he’s volunteered on campaigns, attended party meeting and done a little writing for ZPolitics.  Ryan attended the debate in Cobb County.  Helped us with social media and gave us his thoughts on the first time he’s seen these candidates together.  He’s also a Delegate from Hall County for the State Convention. Here are his thoughts on what he saw last night at the Cobb County Republican Party and Young Republican Debate:

Alex Johson: He talked a lot about party unity. It is surprising and refreshing to see the candidate associated with Ron Paul and the liberty movement is not marginalizing the party as that group is often portrayed. He is focused on unity, and removing the focus on factions inside the party.

John Padgett:  He seems like a candidate that is running because he thinks it is his turn. I would consider Padgett and Johnson complete opposites. He may be a little out of touch as far as moving the party forward.

Seth Harp: When asked about outreach, he used the example of talking to women about abortion and adoption.  I am all for this, but not for outreach ideas for the Republican Party. When asked what sets him apart, he mentioned being a veteran and that he has “walked through the shadow of the valley of death and I am the only one that has experienced killing a man as a  Lieutenant  in the Marine Corps.”

BJ Van Gundy: He is obviously very smart, but tends to get in his own way at times with his ideas. Instead of talking about a few of his biggest ideas, he attempted to list all 5 points of his 100 days plan.

Overall, these candidates know how to stick to the talking points. The words of the day were “grassroots” and “fundraising.”  Johnson and Van Gundy were the strongest in this performance and presented themselves as realistic candidates for chair. Padgett has a good chance considering the voters at the convention. No fireworks however, as expected, but there are definitely differences in the candidates and different visions for the party.


Martha Zoller’s ZPolitics Takeaway: Ryan Bozarth is one of the young people we are talking about at every level reaching out to in GAGOP politics.  He’s entering law school this fall and he a hard working and informed perspective.  What’s more important, he has chosen as a Republican under 25 to get involved at every level.  We need more Ryan Bozarths in the party.

There is some talk about Joe Dendy running from the floor.  He was at Cobb County last night.  I’ll reach out to him and see what he thinks.  Stay tuned.

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