It’s time to rebuild the GOP’s grassroots

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Michael McNeely is a candidate for State Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

The Georgia Republican Party is the grassroots organization that has helped Republicans get elected to lead our state for many years. Today, we find areas of our party that are broken. These problems, however, are not insurmountable; we can make our state party great again. The Georgia Republican Party is at a pivotal moment in time when it is imperative that we head in a new direction that is focused on principles, grassroots engagement, teamwork, and growth.

My life has been dedicated to the service of God and country. I became an Eagle Scout, served in my church, served my country in the Georgia Army National Guard, and served my community as a police officer in metro Atlanta. Over the years I have also managed multi-million dollar budgets, established and prioritized goals, hired staff, and worked collaboratively.

I have served as Third and First Vice Chairman of the Douglas County GOP, the Georgia Young Republican’s Political Director, and Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council. I also graduated from the Republican National Committee’s Campaign Victory School, its Campaign Management College, and Republican Leadership for Georgia.

These things have prepared me to lead the Georgia Republican Party.

I have a plan for a new direction and there are key areas that we must focus on.

1. Provide training for new members, volunteers, and candidates.
Our new members, volunteers, and candidates should have access to training that is accessible statewide and on a year round basis. This training should include subjects such as the delegate process, social media, voter contact, fundraising, messaging, voter files, campaign finance, and legal compliance. It is imperative that we partner with the county parties and incorporate their unique input. GOP growth begins at the local level.

2. Focus on core conservative principles.
It is our principles that have made our country great and will make it great again. By focusing on core principles, Republican elected officials are in the best position to pursue effective public policy for all citizens. The Georgia Republican Party should support those efforts by connecting the grassroots with information on how to get involved and provide the facts on proposed legislation by our elected officials.

3. Revive fundraising efforts.
People invest in organizations they believe in. They must see leadership that is principled, professional, responsible, and able to communicate a relevant vision. We must have commitment, professionalism, and a course of action that includes everyone.

4. Ensure fiscal accountability.
Our party should be transparent and accountable to its members. When something is wrong, we must fix it immediately. We should never spend more than we have or lose focus on essential priorities.

5. Engage all Georgians and grow the conservative base, keeping our state red.
Engagement requires consistency. In order to build relationships, we must understand and respect the perspectives of others, investing the necessary time and resources to earn trust. We must bring together fellow conservatives from all walks of life.

Every Republican should be welcomed, respected, and heard. We all bring value to the table and have much to offer the Georgia Republican Party. Together we can do great things!

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