UGA Navigator $: Rep. Jason Spencer says give them back

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Gov. Nathan Deal was asked on Friday to order the University of Georgia to give back $1.7 million it received from the federal government to help Georgians select a health insurance plan.

From Online Athens:

Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, sent Deal a letter calling for an executive order instructing the school to refuse the grant awarded the day before.

“The federal government wanted this policy; therefore, let them fund it and implement it on their own,” Spencer wrote. “The Affordable Care Act will collapse under its own bureaucratic weight and the state of Georgia must not get sucked into this policy vortex.”

Spencer said he would consider legislation to block the grant if the governor decided not to issue an order.

The governor’s staff had no comment.

UGA defends the grant and the role at the university for functions like this.  They say it fits in the mission as a land-grant university to provide trusted, objective, educational information to Georgians, particularly in rural areas and particularly surrounding the most complex issues impacting physical and financial health.  Through this program, UGA will deliver informed, unbiased information to consumers across the state.  The role is inherently apolitical — it is not about the merits of the Affordable Care Act.

We talked to Rep. Spencer on Zoller and Bryant this morning, here’s what he had to say:



Last year there were two votes on authorizing navigators in the General Assembly.

Jim Galloway, the Political Insider, posted information from this interview in the Daily Jolt today.

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One Response to UGA Navigator $: Rep. Jason Spencer says give them back

  1. Bert Loftman says:

    I applaud Representative Jason Spencer as a true conservative for his efforts to have UGA return the 1.7 Million dollars to the federal government as it will come with strings attached.
    I do wish that he, Zoller, and Bryant had discussed more on why we do not have free market medical care and how we might achieve this.

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