Water, Water Everywhere!

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During my campaign for Congress in 2012, we talked about water. In Georgia, we are always talking about water.   A couple of years ago, Sen. Johnny Isakson spoke to my Rotary Club in Gainesville (AKA The Center of the Georgia Universe) about water.  He noted there are 26 states that have the Corps of Engineers involved in their water supply. There are more of us than there are of them. He suggested developing a “Water Caucus”  to make the Corps of Engineers more responsive and in tune to 21st Century water needs.

I took that and ran with it in my campaign.  The current process is old and cumbersome as evidenced by the generational “Tri-
State Water Wars” and doesn’t meet the needs of any of the people or governments involved.

Last week, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), 9th District Congressman,   announced a Corps of Engineers Reform Caucus.  It’s always a red flag for rhetoric to say you want to reform something, so I’ll be waiting to see what comes out of the caucus. However, this is a step in the right direction and we need progress in dealing with water in Georgia.

We will continue at ZPolitics to cover water issues in the state, whether it’s with Alabama and Florida and the “Tri-State Water Wars,” or Rep. Alan Powell of Hartwell and his work in negotiating with South Carolina or our long standing border dispute with Tennessee which involves access to the Tennessee River. There’s water everywhere, but there are many claims to it.  You can’t have growth without water and economic development is the name of the game.

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