Kingston is In!

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Kingston is in and says he won’t be “outflanked”  by the right.  Kingston was the first guy to put a “pork book” together on excessive spending.  He says he won’t be challenged on his conservative credentials. He says he’ll work with people without compromising conservative credentials.

Kingston is planning events around the state in a pretty impressive roll out of his campaign.  His geographical take will be he’s from Savannah, South Georgia and cobble together a coalition there, but he’s from Athens.  He’s been working the North Georgia contacts aggressively.  And as we know, the 9th Congressional District is the center of the Georgia political universe.

It’s next to impossible to keep these things secret.  Once you start planning events, sending out invitations, it’s out of the bag.

As one potential candidate told me (not announced yet and not for Senator), “I’m not going to throw a big party if the announcement is, ‘I’m not running.'” Are you curious?  We’ll reveal that on and after the Kingston announcement.

Rep. Jack Kingston is in the race for U. S. Senate as of today. We’ll talk to Kingston on “Zoller and Bryant” on Fox News 1340 on Thursday morning at 8:15 am est and get the story straight from him. Listen live at

There has been much speculation over the last weeks here and across the news spectrum. Georgia Pundit was first with a printed an invitation to an event on Friday and there is press around the country.



Martha Zoller’s ZPolitics Takeaway:  The third question I’d get on the campaign trail even in conservative North Georgia was,  “How are you going to work with people?” Jack Kingston knows the answer to that question.  If he can hone that message, he will be a force in this race.

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